Please Avoid These 5 Black Friday Traps at All Cost

Black FridayAre you all ready for November 28th? This Black Friday, snatch up the best deals and come home with your bags full of booty from the war. However, when it comes to Black Friday, you will find shops laden with old merchandise and low-brand products that weren’t sold throughout the year.

So you need to plan it all carefully and grab the best deals on this opulent day of the year. Sales can start from the Friday following the Thanksgiving celebration and go on for as long as things are sold out, almost a week at top. There are some simple and sleek techniques to make the best of your Black Friday. Sprint’s Black Friday deals include all the new smartphones released in 2014 and you definitely want to be the first one to grab them. This is a simple guide on five traps that you need to avoid on Black Friday and how to avoid them.

Take A Good Look Around: Usually, retailers place the cheap and out dated products on the part of the shelf that meets your eye. That is the second row from top, most people only tend to browse these rows and grab what they can. They key is to take a good look around but still keep your speed. You might find something golden in the bottom shelves that hadn’t caught your vision.

Go to the depths of the dungeon: Most of the times, people tend to browse through the merchandise that is placed near the doors with all sorts of radiant ‘special offer’ tags. Don’t fall for that and browse through the entire store, you might find something good somewhere in s corner. It’s still worth digging around the store to find super cheap bargains after waiting all night long in line.

The Cyber Monday: Stores like Target and Apple have online Black Friday sales that last throughout Monday and are usually known as the Cyber Monday. So, you don’t have to go to the stores and have the store people tell you the sale is over, you can take full advantage of Cyber Monday or you can compare prices online on your mobile device and get online prices in the stores too. Click here Verizon Wireless Cyber Monday 2014 sale now to preview some of the best smartphone offers this year.

Online Shopping on Black Friday: They have spread around the word Cyber Monday but don’t think you have wait until Monday to take advantage of Black Friday online. The online sales also start on Friday and while you wait for Monday, most of the good merchandise will be all sold out. So don’t wait till Monday and take full advantage of Black Friday through online shopping. Verizon Wireless Black Friday 2014 will start a week here and last through 11:59pm on November 28, 2014.

Beat the Crowd: The crowd trap is the most vicious of all, how can one penetrate a mass of angry shoppers on the busiest day of shopping in the year? The key is to get there early as possible and target the sections of the store that have less freight. Most people run for the products with humongous discounts and huge, shiny tags. However, as mentioned earlier, these products might not be the best in store. So the key is to arrive early almost as soon as the store opens or sometime before 10 AM. This way you’ll be able to grab the best products without getting into a ruckus.

So save yourself some time and strategize your spree to make the best of this year’s Black Friday.

Best Verizon Wireless Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Verizon Wireless Black Friday
When it comes Black Friday shopping many people tend to go for the big items like TVs, computers, and laptops, and hope to save as much money as they can. But do you know that Verizon Wireless offer Black Friday deals that are bigger than these big items? You are not just saving 30% or 50% off the regular price, you are actually saving 100% on some of the most popular smartphones this season. Don’t believe me, check out the phones we expect to have the biggest savings.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a must have for Android lovers this holiday season. Not only does it have the most powerful processor in its class but it also boasts superior picture/video taking technology. The thin and light design gives it advantage over other smartphones with similar sizes. In fact it only weighs 4.59 oz and 0.31 inch in thickness. The 13 megapixel camera offers Face detection, Smile detection, Exposure compensation, and many more to make photo taking experience to the next level.

LG G2 is another phone that should be on your shopping list this holiday season. It has a screen that’s slightly larger than that of Galaxy S4. Still, the increased screen estate will give you awesome viewing experience on movies and pictures. The specs are in par with Galaxy S4 but the price is much lower – we are talking about $100 difference here on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both phones rank top spots in this post. But if I were you I would go for the LG G2 just for the price.

DROID MAXX Cyber Monay
The popular DROID line is still exclusive at Verizon Wireless. There have been a number of new DROID releases this year among them the DROID MAXX poses the most impressive specs, especially on battery life. Although the display (only 720p) is not as sharp as the Galaxy S4 or the LG G2, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to streaming movies all day long. In fact the 3,300 mAh battery can keep the phone running nonstop for 48 hours. The price has gone down from the original $300 to just $200. Anyone who is looking to replace his/her business phone the DROID MAXX is the top choice.

If battery life is not your major concern you should also check out the DROID ULTRA. Even with the same screen size, it’s a thinner and much lighter phone than the DROID MAXX. The price has dropped from $200 to just $99 over the past month and Verizon Wireless will sweeten the deal a bit on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

All the phone we mentioned above have full retail price well over $600, but when you sign a new service plan with the carrier you will only be paying nothing or little upfront. You will also get additional saving when you visit this site to get Verizon Wireless coupon codes to use. The new Verizon EDGE plan even lets you put $0 down on high-end smartphones and spread out the cost to an easy-to-swallow monthly payment. So, no matter what your budget is, Verizon Wireless has best deals for you. Free shipping is a nice bonus regardless how many phones you are buying this holiday season.

Why T-Mobile has the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

T-Mobile Black Friday
T-Mobile may be one of the smallest wireless carriers in the United States but it offers something that other big carriers can’t match – price, value, and flexibility. This coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday will make the deals even sweeter with additional discounts and bonus accessories.

T-Mobile makes switching from another carrier as smooth as possible. It’s the only network that offers nationwide 4G connection without limits. You can go anywhere in the U.S. and make calls using cellular network or Wi-Fi calling. If you don’t want to put anything down for a brand new phone, no problem. Many of the smartphones like Nokia Lumia 521 requires no upfront payment. All you need to pay $6 every monthly for the device on top the very cheap monthly plan.

This holiday season marks the best time to shop for smartphone as companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and LG have released their latest devices in time for the holiday shopping season. Some the deals you don’t want to miss out include:

Samsung Galaxy S4 – it was released for T-Mobile earlier this year but the demand was so high that it never loses any steam. Even after the introduction of the iPhone 5s by Apple, people are still flocking the stores to buy the Galaxy S4. The price has been holding up steady since the introduction. But as the competition heats up we are likely to see the price to be lowered to $99, at least through Cyber Monday December 2, 2013.

Galaxy Note 3 – if you want to replace your old phone and want something as big as a tablet then Note 3 will definitely be nice fit your need. The 5.7 inch display is much bigger than the Galaxy S4 and trumps very other phone in the market today when it comes to watching movies and viewing pictures. Even with that screen size, the phone only weighs 5.93 oz, much less than a the small tablet like Nexus 7, and still fits into your pant and shirt pocket. Retails at $299, this phone is the most expensive one to buy but expect price to drop below $200 during the Thanksgiving weekend.

LG G2 – this smartphone is LG’s flagship that tries to compete with the Galaxy S4 or maybe Note 3. The screen measures 5.2 inches diagonally and the entire phone weighs only 5.04 oz. So in terms of weight and screen size, it fall between the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. Because this phone was released recently it incorporated a better processor than its earlier peers – Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Even with these impressive specs, the phone only costs $149, $50 less than Galaxy S4. Will there be a bigger price drop on T-Mobile Black Friday? You bet.

T-Mobile Cyber Monday
The last phone that you might want to consider buying on Black Friday is the iPhone 5c. We have seen the phone discounted to just $49 by third-party retailer like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and RadioShack. That’s a whopping 50%, something that was never done by Apple. So expect no new promotion on the new iPhone 5s from Apple directly. However, there are some online coupons that you can use from this site that will include bonus offers like free shipping and free case.

You don’t need to save up to have any of these phone mentioned above. Simply visit on Friday November 29, 2013 and Monday December 2, 2013 to grab these deals.